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AI Is Personal

Sahara is for individuals who want their own AI to

Automate Yourself


Build Your

Personal Knowledge Vault

Claim ownership of your knowledge capital with a personal Sahara ID and safeguard it within a Knowledge Vault.

Train Your

Own AI

Create your own AI replicas trained with your Knowledge Vault in a privacy-preserving way through Sahara Knowledge Agent’s no-code platform.

Capitalize Your

Knowledge At Scale

Participate in a broader decentralized network that enables cross-agent communication, knowledge transfer and capitalization between individuals.
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Knowledge Agent
Coming soon
Sahara Knowledge Agent (KA) Personal is an advanced personal replica based on your proprietary knowledge.
It can interact with the environment and provide personalized adaptability and intelligence.
Leveraging proprietary blockchain and AI technology, Sahara KAs are trained and served in a privacy-preserving, trustless, and decentralized manner.